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Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Elvis Presley singing blue suede shoes, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, left an indelible mark on the music industry with his electrifying performances and chart-topping hits. Among his extensive repertoire, \Blue Suede Shoes\ out as a timeless classic that not only defined his early career but also became a symbol of the rock ‘n’ roll revolution. This comprehensive exploration delves into the profound impact of Elvis Presley’s rendition of \ Suede Shoes,\ examining its cultural significance, musical innovation, and enduring legacy in the annals of popular music history.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

The Enduring Legacy of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’: Elvis Presley’s Musical Masterpiece

\Blue Suede Shoes\ one of the most recognizable and influential songs in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Its enduring legacy is a testament to Elvis Presley’s unparalleled ability to infuse raw energy and charisma into his performances, transforming a simple song about footwear into a cultural phenomenon.

The Birth of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Anthem

When Elvis Presley recorded \ede Shoes\ in 1956, he took a song originally written and performed by Carl Perkins and turned it into a defining moment of his career. The recording session at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, was electric, with Elvis bringing his unique blend of country, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll to the track.

  • The original recording featured:
    • Scotty Moore on electric guitar
    • Bill Black on bass
    • D.J. Fontana on drums
    • Elvis Presley on vocals and acoustic guitar

This combination of talented musicians created a sound that would revolutionize popular music and help establish rock ‘n’ roll as a dominant force in the industry.

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Chart Success and Commercial Impact

\Blue Suede Shoes\ an immediate commercial success for Elvis, reaching impressive positions on multiple Billboard charts:

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Chart Peak Position
Billboard Top 100

20 |

Billboard Country Western

1 |

Billboard Rhythm Blues

2 |

The song’s crossover appeal demonstrated Elvis’s ability to bridge different musical genres and audiences, a skill that would define his career and contribute to his status as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Influence on Future Generations

The impact of \ Suede Shoes\d far beyond its initial release, influencing countless musicians and becoming a staple of rock ‘n’ roll repertoire:

  • Cover versions by numerous artists, including:
    • The Beatles
    • Jimi Hendrix
    • Johnny Rivers
  • Frequent inclusion in Elvis tribute shows and impersonator performances
  • Use in films, television shows, and commercials, keeping the song in the public consciousness for decades

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‘Blue Suede Shoes’ as a Cultural Touchstone

Beyond its musical significance, \ede Shoes\ became a cultural touchstone, representing the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and the changing social dynamics of the 1950s. The song’s lyrics about prized possessions and personal style resonated with a generation seeking to express their individuality.

The enduring legacy of \ede Shoes\ is a testament to Elvis Presley’s ability to take a song and make it entirely his own, infusing it with a energy and charisma that continue to captivate audiences more than half a century later.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

From Country to Rock: Tracing the Evolution of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ in Elvis’ Career

The journey of \ Suede Shoes\ roots to a rock ‘n’ roll staple mirrors Elvis Presley’s own evolution as an artist. This transformation not only shaped Elvis’s career but also played a crucial role in the broader shift of popular music in the mid-20th century.

The Country Origins of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

\Blue Suede Shoes\ originally written and recorded by Carl Perkins, a contemporary of Elvis in the Memphis music scene. Perkins’s version was firmly rooted in the country and western tradition:

  • Released in January 1956 on Sun Records
  • Reached

    1 on Billboard’s country chart

  • Incorporated elements of boogie-woogie and rockabilly

Elvis’s decision to cover the song came from his admiration for Perkins’s work and his recognition of the song’s potential to cross musical boundaries.

Elvis’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Interpretation

When Elvis recorded his version of \ Suede Shoes,\ he brought his unique style and energy to the track:

  1. Increased tempo and driving rhythm
  2. More prominent use of electric guitar
  3. Elvis’s distinctive vocal style, blending country twang with RB influences

This interpretation helped solidify the song’s place in the emerging rock ‘n’ roll genre and showcased Elvis’s ability to transform material from various musical traditions into his own unique sound.

The Role of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ in Elvis’s Live Performances

As Elvis’s career progressed, \Blue Suede Shoes\ a cornerstone of his live shows:

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Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Era Role of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’
1950s Often used as a high-energy opener or closer
1960s Featured in Elvis’s movie soundtracks and television appearances
1970s Incorporated into medleys during Las Vegas residencies

The song’s evolution in Elvis’s live repertoire reflected his growth as a performer and the changing tastes of his audience.

‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and Elvis’s Musical Legacy

\ Suede Shoes\d a significant role in establishing Elvis’s reputation as a versatile artist capable of excelling in multiple genres:

  • Demonstrated his ability to interpret and elevate existing material
  • Showcased his crossover appeal to country, RB, and pop audiences
  • Helped establish rock ‘n’ roll as a commercially viable and culturally significant genre

The song’s journey from country hit to rock ‘n’ roll classic parallels Elvis’s own transition from a regional sensation to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, illustrating the transformative power of his artistry and the evolving landscape of American popular music.

The Impact of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ on Popular Culture: A Timeless Classic

\ Suede Shoes\d its status as a mere pop song to become a cultural phenomenon that has endured for generations. Its impact on popular culture extends far beyond the realm of music, influencing fashion, language, and social attitudes.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Fashion and Style

The song’s focus on blue suede shoes as a prized possession had a tangible impact on fashion trends:

  • Increased popularity of blue suede shoes among young people
  • Incorporation of the phrase \ shoes\ for footwear and clothing
  • Influence on rock ‘n’ roll fashion aesthetics, emphasizing flashy and eye-catching elements

Linguistic Impact

The phrase \ shoes\d variations of it entered the popular lexicon:

  • Used as a metaphor for something precious or valued
  • Incorporated into idioms and expressions
  • Featured in titles of books, films, and other cultural products

Representation in Media

\ Suede Shoes\ featured extensively in various forms of media:

  1. Films:
    • Used in soundtracks to evoke the 1950s era
    • Featured in biopics about Elvis and other rock ‘n’ roll pioneers
  2. Television:
    • Performed on numerous variety shows and music programs
    • Used in commercials to convey a sense of nostalgia or rebellion
  3. Literature:
    • Referenced in novels and poems as a symbol of youth culture
    • Subject of music criticism and cultural analysis
  4. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Social and Cultural Significance

The song’s popularity coincided with and contributed to significant social changes:

  • Symbolized the emerging youth culture of the 1950s
  • Represented a challenge to conservative social norms
  • Played a role in the breaking down of racial barriers in popular music

Enduring Popularity

\Blue Suede Shoes\ maintained its relevance through the decades:

Decade Notable Cultural References
1960s Covered by The Beatles in their early live shows
1970s Featured in the film \American Graffiti\ 1980s Used in advertising campaigns for blue jeans
1990s Performed by Elvis impersonators worldwide

| 2000s | Included in music video games like \ Hero\

2010s Sampled in hip-hop and electronic dance music tracks

The continued presence of \ Suede Shoes\ popular culture demonstrates its status as a timeless classic that resonates with successive generations.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Legacy in Music Education

\Blue Suede Shoes\ become a staple in music education:

  • Used to teach the basics of rock ‘n’ roll rhythm and structure
  • Analyzed in musicology courses as an example of early rock composition
  • Performed by school bands and choirs, introducing new generations to the classic

The impact of \ Suede Shoes\ popular culture is a testament to the power of Elvis Presley’s artistry and the song’s ability to capture the spirit of an era while remaining relevant to contemporary audiences. Its influence can be seen in countless aspects of modern culture, cementing its place as one of the most significant songs in the history of popular music.

The Story Behind the Song: The Inspiration and Creation of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

The genesis of \ Suede Shoes\ a fascinating tale that involves multiple artists and a stroke of inspiration drawn from an unlikely source. Understanding the song’s origins provides valuable insight into the creative process behind one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most enduring anthems.

Carl Perkins: The Original Songwriter

While Elvis Presley made \Blue Suede Shoes\, the song was actually written by Carl Perkins, a fellow Sun Records artist:

  • Perkins wrote the song in late 1955
  • He was inspired by a story told to him by Johnny Cash
  • The song was originally intended as a rhythm and blues number

Carl Perkins’s journey to writing \Blue Suede Shoes\ a testament to the collaborative nature of the early rock ‘n’ roll scene in Memphis.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

The Johnny Cash Connection

The inspiration for \ Suede Shoes\ unexpected source:

  1. Johnny Cash told Perkins about a soldier he met while serving in the Air Force
  2. The soldier referred to his military regulation airmen’s shoes as \blue suede shoes\ Cash suggested that Perkins write a song about blue suede shoes

This anecdote highlights the interconnectedness of the early rock ‘n’ roll pioneers and the way ideas flowed between them.

The Writing Process

Carl Perkins wrote \ede Shoes\ in a burst of creativity:

  • Composed on December 17, 1955
  • Written late at night after a dance performance
  • Completed in just a few hours

The rapid composition of the song speaks to Perkins’s skill as a songwriter and his ability to capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll in a simple, catchy tune.

Recording and Release

The journey of \ Suede Shoes\ release was swift:

Date Event
December 17, 1955 Song written by Carl Perkins
December 19, 1955 Recorded at Sun Studio
January 1, 1956 Released as a single

The quick turnaround from writing to release was typical of the fast-paced music industry of the 1950s.

Elvis Presley’s Version

Elvis Presley’s connection to \ Suede Shoes\ shortly after its release:

  • Elvis was a fan of Carl Perkins’s music
  • He saw the potential for the song to become a crossover hit
  • Elvis recorded his version on January 30, 1956

Elvis’s decision to record the song was influenced by his respect for Perkins and his recognition of the song’s appeal to a wide audience.

The Impact of Elvis’s Interpretation

Elvis Presley’s version of \ Suede Shoes\ several changes to the song:

  • Increased tempo and more aggressive rhythm
  • Enhanced prominence of the electric guitar
  • Elvis’s distinctive vocal stylings and stage presence

These changes helped transform the song from a country-influenced rockabilly number into a full-fledged rock ‘n’ roll anthem.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Legacy of the Song’s Creation

The story behind \ede Shoes\ illustrates several important aspects of early rock ‘n’ roll:

  • The collaborative nature of the Memphis music scene
  • The rapid pace of songwriting and recording
  • The blending of different musical influences (country, RB, rockabilly)

Understanding the origins of \Blue Suede Shoes\ valuable context for appreciating its significance in the history of rock ‘n’ roll and its enduring popularity.

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The creation of \Blue Suede Shoes\ a fascinating chapter in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, involving some of the genre’s most influential figures. From Johnny Cash’s anecdote to Carl Perkins’s songwriting and Elvis Presley’s iconic performance, the story behind the song is as compelling as the music itself.

Elvis Presley’s Live Performances of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’: The Electric Energy on Stage

Elvis Presley’s live performances of \ Suede Shoes\, showcasing his unparalleled stage presence and the electric energy that made him the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. These performances not only cemented the song’s place in music history but also helped define Elvis’s image as a dynamic and charismatic entertainer.

Early Television Appearances

Elvis’s early television performances of \ Suede Shoes\aking:

  1. The Milton Berle Show (April 3, 1956):
    • One of Elvis’s first national TV appearances
    • Introduced his energetic performance style to a wide audience
    • Caused controversy due to his \suggestive\ movements
  1. The Ed Sullivan Show (September 9, 1956):
    • Reached an estimated 60 million viewers
    • Performed \Blue Suede Shoes\ part of a medley
    • Showcased Elvis’s ability to captivate a massive audience

These television appearances played a crucial role in popularizing both Elvis and \Blue Suede Shoes\ the United States.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Concert Performances

As Elvis’s career progressed, \ Suede Shoes\ staple of his live shows:

Era Performance Style
1950s High-energy, rebellious renditions
1960s More polished performances in movies and TV specials
1970s Grandiose interpretations during Las Vegas residencies

Throughout these eras, Elvis continued to infuse the song with his unique charisma and showmanship.

Iconic Elements of Elvis’s ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ Performances

Several elements made Elvis’s live renditions of \ Suede Shoes\orgettable:

  • Signature dance moves:
    • Hip swivels
    • Leg shakes
    • Dramatic poses
  • Flashy costumes:
    • Gold lamé suit in the 1950s
    • Leather outfits in the 1968 Comeback Special
    • Bejeweled jumpsuits in the 1970s
  • Interaction with the audience:
    • Direct eye contact
    • Playful gestures
    • Tossing scarves to fans (in later years)

These elements combined to create a visual and auditory spectacle that thrilled audiences and defined the rock ‘n’ roll concert experience.

The 1968 Comeback Special

The 1968 NBC television special, known as the \Comeback Special,\d a particularly memorable performance of \Blue Suede Shoes\

  • Part of a medley of Elvis’s early hits
  • Showcased a return to Elvis’s raw, energetic performance style
  • Helped revitalize Elvis’s career and public image

This performance demonstrated that even more than a decade after its release, \ Suede Shoes\ powerful part of Elvis’s repertoire.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Las Vegas Residencies

During his Las Vegas residencies in the 1970s, Elvis continued to perform \ede Shoes\ with gusto:

  1. Often included in medleys of his early hits
  2. Updated arrangements featuring a large backing band
  3. Elaborate stage production with lighting and sound effects

These performances showed Elvis’s ability to adapt the song to changing musical trends while maintaining its core energy and appeal.

The Legacy of Elvis’s Live Performances

Elvis Presley’s live renditions of \ Suede Shoes\ an indelible mark on popular culture:

  • Influenced generations of rock performers
  • Set the standard for rock ‘n’ roll showmanship
  • Contributed to the song’s status as a timeless classic

The electricity of Elvis’s stage presence during \Blue Suede Shoes\ to be celebrated and emulated by performers today.

Elvis Presley’s live performances of \ Suede Shoes\ than just musical events; they were cultural phenomena that helped shape the very definition of rock ‘n’ roll. Through his electrifying stage presence, innovative dance moves, and undeniable charisma, Elvis transformed a simple song about footwear into an anthem of rebellion and self-expression that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

The Cultural Significance of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’: A Symbol of Rebellion and Youthful Energy

The enduring popularity of \Blue Suede Shoes\ beyond its musical merits. The song came to symbolize rebellion, youthful energy, and a sense of defiance against societal norms. Its lyrics, which warn against stepping on the singer’s blue suede shoes, can be interpreted as a metaphor for respecting individuality and personal boundaries.

Rebellion and Nonconformity

In the context of the 1950s, a time marked by social conservatism and conformity, \ Suede Shoes\ rebellious spirit. The song’s protagonist asserts his independence and demands respect for his possessions, embodying a sense of defiance that resonated with young audiences.

Youthful Energy and Vitality

The energetic tempo and driving rhythm of \ Suede Shoes\ vitality and youthfulness. The song’s infectious beat and catchy melody captured the exuberance of youth culture in the post-war era, making it a favorite among teenagers eager to break free from tradition.

Iconic Fashion Statement

The reference to blue suede shoes in the song’s title became synonymous with style and individuality. Blue suede shoes were not just footwear; they were a fashion statement that set the wearer apart from the crowd. By associating the shoes with rebellion and self-expression, the song elevated them to iconic status in popular culture.

Enduring Symbol of Rock ‘n’ Roll Attitude

As one of the earliest rock ‘n’ roll hits, \ Suede Shoes\ attitude and swagger that defined the genre. The song’s blend of country, blues, and rockabilly influences encapsulated the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, making it a timeless anthem for generations of music lovers.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Influence on Fashion and Pop Culture

The popularity of \ Suede Shoes\ an impact beyond the music industry. The song inspired fashion trends, with blue suede shoes becoming a coveted item among fans eager to emulate their idol, Elvis Presley. Additionally, the song’s rebellious themes permeated popular culture, influencing films, television shows, and advertising campaigns.

A Deeper Look at the Lyrics: The Meaning and Interpretation of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

The lyrics of \Blue Suede Shoes\ simple yet powerful, conveying a message of pride, defiance, and individuality. A closer examination of the song’s lyrics reveals layers of meaning and offers insight into its enduring appeal.

Protecting Personal Boundaries

At its core, \ Suede Shoes\ about setting boundaries and demanding respect. The singer’s admonition not to step on his blue suede shoes can be interpreted as a metaphor for protecting one’s personal space and asserting autonomy. In a broader sense, the song celebrates the importance of self-respect and standing up for oneself.

Symbolism of Blue Suede Shoes

The choice of blue suede shoes as a focal point of the song significant. Blue suede shoes are not just any footwear; they represent individuality, style, and uniqueness. By emphasizing the importance of these shoes to the singer, the lyrics underscore the value of personal expression and the rejection of conformity.

Themes of Identity and Authenticity

Through its lyrics, \ Suede Shoes\ themes of identity and authenticity. The singer’s insistence on the significance of his blue suede shoes reflects a desire to be recognized for who he truly is, without compromise or imitation. This theme of staying true to oneself resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

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Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Timeless Message of Self-Respect

Despite being written over six decades ago, the message of \ Suede Shoes\ relevant today. The song’s call for self-respect, dignity, and individuality transcends generational boundaries, speaking to the universal human need for recognition and acceptance. In a world that often pressures individuals to conform, the song’s message remains as poignant as ever.

Interpretations and Cover Versions

Over the years, numerous artists have covered \ Suede Shoes\ each bringing their interpretation to the song. From rock bands to country singers, artists have put their spin on the classic tune, showcasing its versatility and enduring appeal. These cover versions highlight the song’s ability to resonate across different genres and musical styles.

The Musical Innovation of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’: A Groundbreaking Rock ‘n’ Roll Anthem

\Blue Suede Shoes\ more than just a hit song; it was a groundbreaking piece of music that revolutionized the rock ‘n’ roll genre. From its infectious rhythm to its innovative instrumentation, the song showcased a level of musical innovation that set it apart from its contemporaries.

Fusion of Musical Styles

One of the key innovations of \ Suede Shoes\ its fusion of different musical styles. Drawing from country, blues, and RB influences, the song blended elements of each genre to create a unique sound that appealed to a wide audience. This cross-genre approach paved the way for future rock ‘n’ roll artists to experiment with diverse musical elements.

Driving Rhythm and Beat

Central to the success of \ Suede Shoes\ its driving rhythm and infectious beat. The song’s uptempo pace and rhythmic guitar riffs propelled it forward, creating a sense of urgency and excitement that captivated listeners. This dynamic rhythm became a hallmark of early rock ‘n’ roll music and contributed to the song’s enduring popularity.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Instrumentation and Arrangement

The instrumental arrangement of \ Suede Shoes\ innovative for its time. Featuring prominent electric guitar licks, a pulsating bassline, and energetic drumming, the song’s instrumentation added depth and texture to its sound. The use of these instruments in a rock ‘n’ roll context helped define the genre and establish a template for future musicians to follow.

Vocals and Performance Style

Carl Perkins’s vocal delivery on \ Suede Shoes\ raw and emotive, reflecting the song’s rebellious lyrics and energetic vibe. His distinctive singing style, characterized by its twangy inflections and expressive phrasing, brought the lyrics to life and added a layer of authenticity to the recording. Perkins’s performance set a standard for rock ‘n’ roll vocals and inspired generations of singers to follow.

Influence on Rock ‘n’ Roll Evolution

The musical innovation of \ Suede Shoes\ a lasting impact on the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll. The song’s fusion of musical styles, driving rhythm, and expressive vocals influenced countless artists who came after, shaping the sound of rock music for decades to come. As a pioneering rock ‘n’ roll anthem, \ Suede Shoes\ a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in music.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

From Memphis to the World: The Global Reach of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and Elvis Presley

\Blue Suede Shoes\ not only catapulted Carl Perkins to fame but also played a crucial role in launching Elvis Presley’s career on the international stage. The song’s global reach and enduring popularity solidified its status as a rock ‘n’ roll classic that transcended borders and cultures.

International Success of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’

Following its release in 1956, \ Suede Shoes\ an immediate impact on the international music scene. The song climbed the charts in countries around the world, reaching audiences in Europe, Asia, and beyond. Its catchy melody and infectious rhythm resonated with listeners of all backgrounds, propelling it to the top of the charts in multiple countries.

Elvis Presley’s Global Appeal

Elvis Presley’s rendition of \ Suede Shoes\ a key factor in the song’s global success. As one of the most iconic and influential musicians of the 20th century, Elvis had a massive international following that helped popularize the song on a global scale. His charismatic stage presence and dynamic performances captivated audiences worldwide, establishing him as a cultural ambassador for rock ‘n’ roll music.

Impact on Popular Culture Worldwide

The widespread popularity of \ Suede Shoes\ a significant impact on popular culture worldwide. The song’s catchy chorus and memorable lyrics became ingrained in the public consciousness, appearing in films, TV shows, commercials, and even fashion trends. Its influence extended far beyond the realm of music, shaping the cultural landscape of the 1950s and beyond.

Legacy in Music History

As a pioneering rock ‘n’ roll anthem, \ Suede Shoes\ a permanent place in music history. Its global reach and enduring popularity have solidified its status as a timeless classic that continues to inspire new generations of musicians and fans. From Memphis to the world, the song’s journey reflects the universal appeal of rock ‘n’ roll music and its ability to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

Continuing Influence and Reverence

Decades after its initial release, \ Suede Shoes\ a revered and celebrated song that continues to influence artists across the globe. Cover versions, tributes, and homages to the song abound, showcasing its enduring legacy and timeless appeal. As a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll’s rebellious spirit and energetic vitality, \ Suede Shoes\ a testament to the enduring power of music to unite and inspire audiences worldwide.


In conclusion, \Blue Suede Shoes\ a rock ‘n’ roll masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on music history and popular culture. From its humble beginnings in the Memphis music scene to its global success and enduring legacy, the song embodies the rebellious spirit and youthful energy of early rock ‘n’ roll. Through Elvis Presley’s electrifying performances and Carl Perkins’s innovative songwriting, \ Suede Shoes\ a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

As we reflect on the cultural significance, musical innovation, and global reach of \Blue Suede Shoes\ it becomes clear that the song’s impact transcends generations and borders. Its message of rebellion, individuality, and self-expression remains as relevant today as it was in the 1950s, serving as a reminder of the power of music to inspire, unite, and uplift. Whether on stage in Memphis or on screens around the world, \ Suede Shoes\ an enduring symbol of the rock ‘n’ roll ethos and a testament to the enduring legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock n Roll and His Iconic Blue Suede Shoes

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