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Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, transcended music to become a global icon. His captivating stage presence, electrifying voice, and undeniable charisma captivated millions, and his impact on popular culture was undeniable. But beyond the music, Elvis found a second stage in the realm of cinema. His film career, spanning from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s, offered audiences a glimpse into his life, albeit often filtered through Hollywood’s lens. This article examines Elvis’s filmography, delving into the themes, trends, and impact of his movies, and ultimately revealing how his on-screen persona helped solidify his legend.

Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

Elvis Presley Movies About His Life

While Elvis’s musical achievements are undeniable, Hollywood played a significant role in shaping his public image and enduring legacy. Several films have captured different facets of his life, offering diverse perspectives on this iconic figure:

1. Elvis (1979): This biographical drama starring Kurt Russell as Elvis, tells the story of his rise to fame, showcasing his early days in Memphis, his meteoric success, and his struggles with fame and personal demons. Although criticized for its historical accuracy, it remains a popular portrayal of the King’s life.

2. Elvis (2022): This biographical musical drama directed by Baz Luhrmann, offers a more stylized and nuanced interpretation of Elvis’s life. It features Austin Butler in the lead role, showcasing his musical talents and capturing the energy and charisma of the legendary singer. The film delves into Elvis’s relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, exploring the complex dynamics between them and highlighting the darker aspects of Elvis’s legacy.

3. Love Me Tender (1956): This Western romantic drama starring Elvis himself, captures the early days of his acting career. While it might not be considered a great film, it showcases Elvis’s screen presence and acting ability.

4. Jailhouse Rock (1957): This musical drama features Elvis at his most charismatic, playing a rebellious young man who finds success through his music. It’s one of the most popular Elvis films, showcasing his musical talents and iconic dance moves.

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5. Viva Las Vegas (1964): This musical comedy is a delightful showcase of Elvis’s charm and comedic timing. It features memorable songs and colorful sets, highlighting the entertainer’s popularity and influence on pop culture.

Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

Beyond these films, several television movies and documentaries have explored different aspects of Elvis’s life. These include “Elvis: The King in Concert” (1992), a compilation of live performances, and “Elvis: What Happened?” (1973), a television movie based on the book detailing Elvis’s struggles with drug addiction and eventual death.

The ongoing fascination with Elvis Presley’s life is evident in the continuous stream of biographical works. These movies offer captivating glimpses into the life and career of one of the most influential figures in music history, allowing audiences to connect with his story and celebrate his legacy.

Elvis’s Early Years: From Singer to Movie Star

Elvis’s foray into film began in 1956 with Love Me Tender, a romantic Western that capitalized on his burgeoning popularity. Despite being a musical, the film showcased Elvis’s acting potential, particularly his ability to portray vulnerability and charm. The film’s success made Elvis a bona fide movie star, paving the way for a prolific filmography that would blend music with varying genres.

The late 1950s saw Elvis embrace the musical formula that defined his early films. Loving You, Jailhouse Rock, and King Creole showcased his musical talents alongside compelling narratives of love, rebellion, and social commentary. These films not only solidified Elvis’s status as a heartthrob but also demonstrated his range as an actor. His performances in these films were praised by critics, who noted his charisma and natural screen presence.

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Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

The Impact of Elvis’s Early Films

Elvis’s early films were not only commercial successes, but they also played a significant role in shaping his image and public perception. His characters were often rebellious yet charming, reflecting the changing attitudes and values of the youth culture in America during the 1950s. Additionally, the films showcased Elvis’s musical talent and allowed him to connect with his fans on a deeper level.

The success of these early films also paved the way for more prominent roles for Elvis. In 1958, he starred in King Creole, which was widely considered one of his best performances as an actor. The film, directed by Michael Curtiz (Casablanca), received critical acclaim and further solidified Elvis’s status as a serious actor.

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Elvis Presley Movie Based on His Life

Despite being known for his iconic music career, Elvis’s life off-stage was often just as fascinating. It is no surprise then that Hollywood attempted to capture his life story on the big screen. Two notable biopics were made about Elvis: Elvis (1979) and Elvis Nixon (2016).

Elvis (1979)

Directed by John Carpenter, Elvis was released two years after Elvis’s death and was based on a book written by Elvis’s former wife, Priscilla Presley. Starring Kurt Russell as Elvis, the film chronicles his rise to fame and subsequent struggles with fame and drug addiction. While the film received mixed reviews, Russell’s performance was praised, with many noting his uncanny resemblance to the King of Rock and Roll.

Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

Elvis Nixon (2016)

Elvis Nixon takes a more comical approach to telling the story of Elvis’s famous meeting with President Nixon in 1970. Michael Shannon stars as Elvis, and Kevin Spacey plays Nixon in this fictionalized account of their encounter. The film received positive reviews, with critics praising the performances of both Shannon and Spacey.

Both of these movies offer different perspectives on Elvis’s life, but they ultimately highlight the enduring fascination with his legacy and impact on popular culture.

Is There a Movie About Elvis’s Life?

While there have been several films made about aspects of Elvis’s life, there is not one definitive biopic that encompasses his entire life story. However, there are a few other notable films that focus on significant moments in his career.

This Is Elvis (1981)

Directed by Malcolm Leo and Andrew Solt, This Is Elvis is a documentary-style film that tells the story of Elvis’s life and career using a combination of archival footage and reenactments. The film was praised for its authenticity and provides an intimate look into the man behind the legend.

Elvis: That’s the Way It Is (1970)

Considered one of the best concert documentaries of all time, That’s the Way It Is captures Elvis’s legendary Las Vegas performances in 1970. The film showcases Elvis’s charismatic stage presence and offers a glimpse into his life outside of the spotlight.

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Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen

Did Elvis Movies Make Money?

Over the course of his film career, Elvis starred in 31 feature films and two documentary films. While some were more successful than others, his films consistently drew crowds and were profitable for the studios. In fact, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Elvis was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

Top-Grossing Elvis Presley Movies

  1. Blue Hawaii (1961) – $4.4 million
  2. Viva Las Vegas (1964) – $5.3 million
  3. G.I. Blues (1960) – $3.9 million
  4. Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) – $2.6 million
  5. Jailhouse Rock (1957) – $2.3 million

While these numbers may seem modest in today’s terms, they were significant at the time, especially for musical films. Overall, Elvis’s movies grossed over $300 million at the box office, making him one of the most financially successful actors of his time.

Elvis’s Most Famous Movie

One movie that stands out in Elvis’s filmography is Jailhouse Rock (1957). The film not only showcased Elvis’s acting abilities but also featured some of his most iconic songs, including the title track and “Treat Me Nice.” The film was a commercial and critical success, with many considering it to be one of Elvis’s best performances as an actor.

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The Impact of Jailhouse Rock

Aside from being a top-grossing film, Jailhouse Rock is significant for its influence on popular culture. The song and dance sequences in the film, choreographed by Elvis himself, have become iconic and have been emulated in various forms of media ever since. Additionally, the film’s portrayal of the music industry and the struggles of fame and authenticity still resonate with audiences today.

Elvis Presley Movies: A Look at His Life on Screen


Elvis Presley’s film career may have been overshadowed by his legendary music career, but it is an essential aspect of his legacy. His films not only provided entertainment for millions of fans but also helped shape his public image and solidify his status as an icon. From his early musicals to later dramatic roles, Elvis proved himself to be a versatile and talented actor. And even years after his passing, his films continue to captivate audiences and contribute to his enduring legacy as the King of Rock and Roll.

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