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Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

 Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price long been synonymous with luxury and extravagance, making it a top choice for those seeking the ultimate driving experience. With the release of the newest model, the Rolls Royce Phantom 2022, car enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

This highly anticipated vehicle promises to deliver even more opulence and innovation than its predecessors. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 price, features, and design elements that make it stand out from other luxury cars on the market.

The Rolls Royce Phantom has been a symbol of luxury and sophistication since its initial launch in 1925. Over the years, it has become a favorite among the elite and has been featured in numerous films and TV shows as the ultimate status symbol.

The latest addition to the Phantom lineup, the 2022 model, continues to uphold the brand’s reputation for elegance and grandeur. From its sleek exterior to its state-of-the-art technology and comfort features, the Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 is truly a work of art on wheels.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

Overview of Rolls Royce Phantom 2022

Before delving into the details, let’s first take a look at an overview of the Rolls Royce Phantom 2022. This luxury sedan boasts a powerful V12 engine, advanced suspension system, and a seamless eight-speed automatic transmission. It also comes equipped with a range of innovative technologies, including a 360-degree camera system and adaptive cruise control. The Phantom 2022 is available in two models – the standard wheelbase and the extended wheelbase, both offering unparalleled comfort and performance.

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Features and Specifications

The Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 is packed with cutting-edge features and specifications that set it apart from other luxury vehicles. Here are some of the key features that make it stand out:

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

Design and Exterior

The Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 is a sight to behold with its sleek and majestic exterior design. It retains the signature long hood and iconic grille, but with a modern twist. The front end is adorned with LED headlights and a redesigned bumper, giving it a more aggressive look. The body of the car is made of lightweight aluminum, making it lighter and more agile than previous models.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

On the extended wheelbase model, passengers can enjoy the exclusive “Coach Doors” feature, where the rear doors open opposite to the front doors, providing easier access to the back seats. This feature has been a trademark of Rolls Royce since the early 20th century, and it adds a touch of old-world charm to the vehicle.

The Phantom 2022 also offers a range of customization options for the exterior, including various color choices, custom coach lines, and even a “Phantom Package” that adds a unique two-tone paint job.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

Interior and Comfort

As expected from a Rolls Royce vehicle, the interior of the Phantom 2022 is nothing short of luxurious. The standard wheelbase model offers seating for up to five passengers, while the extended wheelbase provides ample legroom for rear passengers. The seats are handcrafted and upholstered in the finest leather, ensuring maximum comfort for all occupants.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

For ultimate relaxation, the Phantom 2022 features a “Serenity Seat” option on the extended wheelbase model. These seats recline up to 27 degrees and come equipped with massage functions, making long drives a breeze. The interior also boasts a “Starlight Headliner,” where hundreds of fiber-optic lights are integrated into the roof lining, creating a celestial ambiance inside the car.

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The Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 also offers advanced climate control technologies, including a four-zone automatic air conditioning system and an optional fragrance dispenser, which releases a subtle scent throughout the cabin.

Performance and Engine

Under the hood of the Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 lies a powerful 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine, capable of producing 563 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, making gear shifts smooth and seamless. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

In addition to its impressive power, the Phantom 2022 also offers an advanced suspension system that utilizes cameras to scan the road ahead and adjust the suspension accordingly, providing a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

Technology and Safety

The Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 is packed with innovative technologies that enhance the driving experience and ensure maximum safety for all occupants. One of the most notable features is the 360-degree camera system, providing a bird’s eye view of the vehicle, making parking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze.

The car also offers a suite of driver-assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and pedestrian detection. These technologies work together to provide a safe and stress-free driving experience.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

Other noteworthy tech features include a 12.3-inch infotainment display, a head-up display, and a state-of-the-art sound system by Bespoke Audio, ensuring that passengers can stay entertained and connected on every journey.

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 Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price

With all its luxury and cutting-edge technology, it comes as no surprise that the Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 comes with a hefty price tag. The standard wheelbase model starts at $460,000, while the extended wheelbase model starts at $530,000. However, these prices can quickly increase with customization options and add-ons.

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The Phantom 2022 is set to be released in late 2021, and it will be available at select Rolls Royce dealerships worldwide. Given its limited production and high demand, interested buyers are advised to place their orders in advance to secure their dream car.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

Comparison with Previous Models

The Phantom 2022 is the latest addition to the Rolls Royce Phantom lineup, and it comes with many enhancements and upgrades from its predecessors. Here are some key differences between the Phantom 2022 and the previous model, the Phantom VIII:

  • Design: The Phantom 2022 has a more modern and aggressive design compared to the Phantom VIII, which had a more traditional and classic look.
  • Technology: The Phantom 2022 offers a range of advanced technologies that were not available on the Phantom VIII, such as the 360-degree camera system and advanced driver-assistance features.
  • Performance: The Phantom 2022 boasts a more powerful engine and an improved suspension system, making it more dynamic and responsive compared to the Phantom VIII.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features


The Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled comfort, it truly sets a new standard for luxury vehicles. However, with such opulence comes a hefty price tag, making it out of reach for most people. Nevertheless, the Phantom 2022 continues to be a symbol of wealth and status, and it will continue to hold its place as the ultimate luxury sedan for years to come.

Discover the Latest Rolls Royce Phantom 2022 Price and Features

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