Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

AP Vintage Motors is a trusted destination for classic car enthusiasts searching for their next prized automobile. With an unrivaled selection of rare and unique vehicles, experienced specialists, and white glove service, AP Vintage Motors has built a reputation for being the premier classic car dealer in the industry after over 30 years in business. Read on to learn why you should choose AP Vintage Motors for your next classic car purchase.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

AP Vintage Motors: A Trusted Name in Classic Cars

Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

For over three decades, AP Vintage Motors has specialized in buying, restoring and selling classic cars from the 1920s through the 1980s. Founded in 1989 by Antonio Perez, a lifelong classic car collector and expert mechanic originally from Argentina, AP Vintage Motors has continued his legacy of excellence by maintaining an impeccable reputation for quality vehicles and exceptional service. Antonio’s passion for cars lives on through his son, Alejandro Perez, who took over operations in 2015 and has upheld his father’s commitment to integrity, knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

A Trusted Experts in Classic Cars

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned collector, the specialists at AP Vintage Motors have the experience to guide you to the right vehicle. The AP team attends top automotive shows and auctions around the world to handpick vehicles based on their restored condition, performance, rarity and provenance. With the ability to appraise and value collections large and small, you can trust you’re getting a fair deal backed by their expertise. According to Alejandro Perez, “We want our clients to feel confident – not only in the car but in us.”

State-of-The-Art Showroom and Service Center

In addition to sourcing and sales, AP Vintage Motors also provides complete mechanical restoration services in their 30,000+ square foot service center and showroom located just outside of Los Angeles. From engine rebuilds to upholstery replacement, each vehicle receives a bumper-to-bumper refresh ensuring it meets exacting quality standards before being listed in their constantly revolving inventory. Visitors are encouraged to take vehicles for a spin and speak directly with technicians for transparency on the work performed.

The History of the 1956 Studebaker A Classic American Car

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Experience the Best with AP Vintage Motors

An Ever-Changing Collection of Vintage Finds

With storage for over 100 vehicles and new deliveries arriving weekly, enthusiasts make frequent visits to AP Vintage Motor’s showroom to explore their unmatched selection. Expect to find everything from American muscle cars like Chevrolet Corvettes, Shelby Cobras and Dodge Chargers to classic European brands including Mercedes SLs, Jaguar E-Types and Porsche 911s.

And with many models being sold in restored condition, vehicles are often show-quality and investment grade. So whether you have a particular dream car in mind or want to discover something new, it’s always worth a trip to browse their latest acquisitions in person.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

White Glove Delivery Right to Your Door

Purchasing from AP Vintage Motors includes complimentary enclosed shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Their experienced transport team handles your new vehicle like the prized possession it is, providing door-to-door white glove delivery fully insured with real-time GPS tracking for your peace of mind. All paperwork and registration are also taken care of so you can enjoy your car upon arrival. International clients can rest assured their vehicles will be sent via established partners who routinely transport collectible cars globally.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Join a Community That Shares Your Passion

In addition to acquiring beautiful machines, becoming an AP Vintage Motors client means you’ve joined likeminded individuals who live for classic cars. Owners receive an open invitation to community track events, rallies, concourses and more where they can drive their cars and connect with fellow enthusiasts. These experiences allow clients to further appreciate the capabilities of their vintage vehicles while forming camaraderie over a shared joy of driving.

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Why Choose AP Vintage Motors for Your Next Classic Car Purchase?

Fully Vetted Vehicles Backed by Verified Histories

Before any car arrives in their showroom, AP Vintage Motors conducts thorough research into its history using decoder documents, factory information, registration files and production records. Each car is photographed from all angles so experts can examine the body lines and vehicle identification numbers to determine complete accuracy and originality.

Complete records outlining the ownership timeline are then compiled in a detailed report. This rigorous vetting process ensures clients know exactly what they’re getting – an important reassurance when spending significant money on collector vehicles.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Fair Prices with Flexible Purchase Options

Drawing on three decades experience scouring auctions and analyzing market trends, AP Vintage Motors specialists pride themselves on paying fair prices for vehicles both when acquiring inventory and when selling to clients. For buyers, flexible payment options are available including bank financing, custom payment plans and cryptocurrency. And for those looking to sell, AP Vintage Motors provides free appraisals, makes purchase offers and handles the entire sale process on your behalf.

Personalized Experience from Start to Finish

From initial consultation to long after the sale, the AP Vintage Motors team provides exceptional one-on-one service tailored specifically to you. Specialists take time understanding preferences and budget to recommend models matching your interests. They even accompany clients to nearby events like the Palm Springs Classic Car Show for a full-immersion introduction. Ongoing support and maintenance guidance ensure your experience with both AP Vintage Motors and your new vehicle are enjoyable for the years ahead.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Discover the Beauty of Classic Cars at AP Vintage Motors

Icons of Style from the 20s to 80s

For design lovers and styling pioneers, AP Vintage Motors offers access to decades of the most fashionable vehicles ever produced. The rolling sculpture forms of 1930s Delahayes, voluptuous curves on 1950s Mercedes 300SLs, to sharp edges epitomizing 1980s excess – the lineup reads like a design history textbook. Description and photos struggle conveying how breathtaking these cars look in real life. Only a trip to AP Vintage Motors can fully capture their creative allure as one-of-a-kind works of art.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Models Representing Automotive’s Golden Eras

Just as every artistic movement has peak years of creativity, car manufacturers also have definitive high-water marks. For instance, 1960s Lamborghinis demonstrate the earliest supercar experimentation and 1980s Porsches showcase technology entering a pioneering stage. AP Vintage Motors celebrates history’s high points by securing low-mileage examples from important eras like muscle cars of the 1970s or British roadsters from the 1950s. Driving a well-preserved car exhibiting an automaker’s finest hour connects owners to exciting milestones in engineering and culture at large.

The Sensory Experience of Analog Driving

Modern conveniences shield drivers from feeling fully engaged, but classics from AP Vintage Motors provide a transporting sensory experience. The growl of a big block V8, crisp clunk of a gated manual shifter slotting into place, steering communicating every surface – vintage cars awaken our senses. Hands caress wood and leather steering wheels, odometers satisfyingly click over indicating miles accrued. Analog dials glow warmly versus cold digital displays. Soul-stirring design, noise and in-touch maneuverability combine creating magic inspiring far more passion than any new model can elicit.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

AP Vintage Motors: Where Passion Meets Quality

Led by True Believers

Between founder Antonio Perez who left his homeland to follow his classic car passion and son Alejandro Perez progressing the business, no dealership embodies knowledge plus enthusiasm more than AP Vintage Motors. They live the thrill of elite car culture daily – rising early to tinker in the service center, crisscrossing the globe exploring acquisition opportunities and retiring late after debating the merits of Alfa over Ferrari with fellow devotees. This 24/7 obsession filters through the entire staff, evident in how lovingly they treat vehicles from arrival to delivery. “We don’t just work with classic cars; we celebrate them”, says Alejandro.

Investing in People, Investing in Process

Most dealers focus only on buying and selling, giving little attention under the hood or treat staff as replaceable commodities. By contrast, AP Vintage Motors directs equal energy towards its purpose-built service center housing the best restoration tools available and training technicians through its respected apprenticeship program. Alejandro Perez explains that mechanics are artists as much as automotive designers and investing in their growth pays dividends in more accurate, conscientious work. This people-centered ethos extends towards caring for clients as old friends versus one-off transactions.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Always Raising the Bar Higher

Remaining an industry leader over 30+ years is no easy feat yet AP Vintage Motors manages through a never-satisfied mindset. Complacency isn’t in their vocabulary. Leadership constantly brainstorms expansion ideas like specializing in new eras of collectibles or hosting events allowing enthusiasts to drive models rarely seen outside museums.

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 The expertise bar also rises via increased authentication process rigor, restoration techniques incorporating more period-correct materials and entering award contention at Pebble Beach and Villa d’Este concourses. Says Alejandro, “The day we stop getting better is the day we hand over our keys for good.”

Find Your Dream Car at AP Vintage Motors

Browse Constantly Updated Inventory Online

As specialists source new acquisition targets weekly, inventory remains dynamic at with fresh finds continually added. Visitors from nearby Los Angeles to faraway Tokyo can shop online 24/7 exploring available models through detailed descriptions plus extensive photo galleries.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Refine searches using an array of filters encompassing make, model, year, body type, price and location. Register to save favorites, get alerts when similar vehicles arrive or request info from their sales team. While digital experiences are no substitute for an in-person visit, the website provides an always-on showroom window into current availability.

Schedule an Appointment to Visit the Showroom

Located 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles in Glendale, California, AP Vintage Motors’ 30,000+ square foot facility houses its sales showroom, service center and storage warehouses all at one convenient campus. Enthusiasts are encouraged to schedule appointments to experience vehicles firsthand accompanied by their knowledgeable specialists available to answer questions or provide test drives. Visitors also gain backstage access seeing mechanics restoring models destined for future sales alongside the archive warehouse protecting prized finds not currently listed. With inventory evolving weekly, repeat visits unearth new discoveries.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Attend Marquee Industry Events as a Guest

In addition to open hours at their main showroom and service center, visitors can also explore current inventory and meet AP Vintage Motors experts by attending prominent classic car auctions and shows hosted stateside and worldwide. As a premier dealer, AP Vintage Motors maintains booths at top Concours d’Elegance events where their latest acquisitions take home trophies. Guests peruse vehicles on display while learning insider tips about judging criteria and value trends from specialist attendees. Upcoming exhibits are always highlighted on their website and social channels.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

The Legacy of AP Vintage Motors: A History of Excellence

Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader

Like many great businesses, AP Vintage Motors came from humble beginnings. Founder Antonio Perez began selling cars informally to friends from his home garage shortly after moving to Los Angeles from Argentina in the late 1970s. As his restoration skills and penchant for discovery earned respect, Antonio transitioned into dealing full-time – ultimately needing commercial warehouse space to manage the continuous flow of trade-ins, auction acquisitions and consignments as word spread within collecting circles. Three successful decades later, AP Vintage Motors sits atop the class car dealer hierarchy as the definitive source for rare, important vehicles.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

A New Generation Builds Upon Tradition

When son Alejandro Perez assumed leadership after the passing of his father in 2015, he faced sky-high expectations from loyal clientele who anticipated a deviation from Antonio’s proven blueprint. However, Alejandro understood the reasons behind his father’s emphasis on quality over quantity, people over profits and sweat equity over short cuts. He invested further in key areas like authentication, servicing and company culture while evolving areas like digital channels to usher AP Vintage Motors successfully into the 2020s and beyond. Today, Alejandro’s stewardship honors traditions while advancing as times change.

Lasting Relationships Serving Multi-Generational Families

Starting in the 1980s selling vehicles to early entertainment industry collectors, AP Vintage Motors has nurtured decade-spanning relationships as customers passed car obsessions onto children and grandchildren. Says Alejandro Perez, “We regularly have third generation buyers approach us based on the positive experiences their fathers and grandfathers had. There’s no greater validation of our business.” One long-time patron vividly recalls the excitement circa 2005 awaiting his Ferrari Daytona to arrive from Antonio Perez. Seventeen years later, his granddaughter recently purchased her dream car from Alejandro Perez to uphold a beloved three-generation tradition.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Unmatched Selection and Service at AP Vintage Motors

Direct Access to Prime Inventory at Auction

Rather than buying pre-auction photographs sight unseen, Alejandro Perez personally attends elite events like Bonhams’ Greenwich Concours and RM Sothebys’ Monterey sale to cherrypick entries. He establishes direct bidding access obtaining vehicles without the typical buyer premiums charged to remote parties. This inside leverage allows AP Vintage Motors first rights to blue-chip cars primed for restoration plus sleepers actually outperforming estimates. Consumers benefit greatly from AP’s on-the-ground worked connections translating into better access, pricing and quality compared to competitors.

White Glove Treatment from Acquisition to Delivery

Too many dealers focus exclusively on sales then outsource preparation details to unknown third parties. By contrast, AP Vintage Motors oversees the entire process from transportation to certification totally in-house. Vehicles ship enclosed directly to their service center for any mechanical or cosmetic refresh before photographers fully document each car. Consumers enjoy seamless door-to-door delivery knowing AP technicians performed all work onsite compared to vendors of unknown reputation. Hands-on attention applied at every step honors their vehicles’ significance and new owners’ investments.

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Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Ongoing Support Built on Trust

Customer relationships extend well beyond transaction day as apparent in AP’s lifetime service policy on sold vehicles. Should issues emerge post-sale, clients know AP mechanics intimately understand each car’s history. Their trusted technicians will treat owners’ beloved vehicles with the same care and precision as they would their own. Says Alejandro Perez, “Anyone can sell you a car then bid farewell. We establish lasting bonds – sharing knowledge, attending shows together, grabbing dinner – to demonstrate our support at any hour.” This grace earns immeasurable goodwill cementing AP Vintage Motors’ glowing reputation.

AP Vintage Motors: Your One-Stop Shop for Classic Cars

Complete Services Covering Every Need

In addition to sales, AP Vintage Motors also offers comprehensive maintenance, restoration, detailing, parts fulfillment and automobile storage services. Their 30,000+ square foot garage hasCorvettes, Porsches, Mercedes and more benefiting from engine through interior freshening by factory-trained mechanics. No job is too big given their full body shop, machine tools and metal fabrication capabilities. Alongside repair is exhaustive detailing gaining Concours-level recognition. Parts requests access Associated Services’ 400,000+ components ready for shipment. For seasonal drivers, AP’s secure archive warehouse handles long-duration storage.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

Flexible Purchase and Consignment Options

Alongside purchasing directly from AP Vintage Motors considerable inventory, the sales team provides flexible consignment options whether aiming for a private party sale or full-service auction placement. Estimate values are determined through proprietary software, auction data and AP’s three decades of expertise translating into accurate real-time appraisals. Customers enjoy transparent pricing models with all fees, reserve amounts and commissions detailed upfront. Says Alejandro Perez, “We aim to surpass expectations each time – and this starts by building trust through honesty.” This fair, client-first approach secures consignments directly from collectors plus high-end overseas dealers.

Dedicated Advisors Offering Personalized Guidance

Since buying a classic vehicle may rank among the most expensive, emotional purchases in a lifetime, customers benefit tremendously having a dedicated product advisor by their side. AP Vintage Motors specialists judiciously ask questions understanding preferences, intended use cases and budget while making informed recommendations. Advisors also contact clients about newly acquired models aligning with wish lists. Years assisting dream collectors has honed AP’s people skills equaling their automotive knowledge; it’s why patrons return continuously as de facto family.

Join the AP Vintage Motors Community and Drive in Style

Total Access Membership Unlocking Unique Events

The brand launched AP+, an exclusive membership program providing unprecedented access into their inner circle including one-time-only experiences. Members score invites to members-only track days on a private course fully experiencing supercars absent speed limits. Additionally, the AP team arranges road rallies traversing scenic locales inaccessible to larger groups alongside guided tours at major museums and factories normally unavailable privately. Alejandro Perez explains, “We designed AP+ as a thank you elevating engagement beyond a simple transaction. It’s about forging friendships around great cars in amazing settings – creating once-in-lifetime memories.”

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors

The Thrill of Exotic Test Drives from Their Collection

Member privileges also include first access on test drives as exciting new inventory gets processed through AP’s service center. Be the first passenger when their technicians put a newly acquired Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche just detailed through a full shakedown. Early rides grant bragging rights having experienced cars likely selling fast or winning awards soon after market launch. Beyond these bucket list models, members also gain latitude taking out vehicles from AP’s Annex housing classics not presently for sale. Says Alejandro, “Driving a car cements the emotional bond – we want members forming as many connections as possible.”

AP Apparel and Collectibles Celebrating Automotive Passion

Apparel collabs with leading motorsportwear brands like Bell and Simpson blur lines between dealership and car club. Attire gifts early buyer opportunities on limited merchandise before dropping online for general public. Alongside co-designed fashion is exclusive office art sourced by Alejandro during acquisition trips to decorate the new corporate campus. These rare collectibles get produced into member-only prints capturing iconic cars in period settings. Additionally, AP may bestow specialty garage tools and accessories as welcome pack gifts or loyalty rewards recognizing member dedication. The assortment says you’re part of an insider’s club.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of AP Vintage Motors


After three decades leading with trust, care and passion, AP Vintage Motors enters an exciting new era backed by Alejandro Perez and dedicated team of specialists. As fashions change but desire for classic cars remains constant, AP Vintage Motors continues to be the go-to destination for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With a legacy of excellence, unmatched selection and service, and a commitment to building lasting relationships with customers, AP Vintage Motors is truly a one-stop shop for all things classic cars. Join the community and discover the beauty of classic cars at AP Vintage Motors today.

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