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1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

History of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

The Chevy Bel Air model had been around since the early 1950s, proving very popular thanks to its affordability and style. By the time the 1967 model year rolled around, the Bel Air was still going strong.

Evolution of the Bel Air Prior to 1967

When it was first introduced for the 1950 model year, the Chevy Bel Air represented a new premium trim level above the Styleline and Fleetline models. With its chrome accents, upgraded interior, and signature “Bel Air” scripts, the Bel Air established itself as Chevy’s flagship car throughout the 1950s.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Over the next decade, the Bel Air evolved through various redesigns. The 1955 model year brought an all-new body style packed with bold styling cues. Fins, chrome, and two-tone paint schemes helped make the tri-five Chevies American icons. As the 1950s gave way to the 1960s, the Bel Air adopted more conservative looks but remained popular.

State of the Market in 1967

By 1967, the American car market was vast and competitive. Chevy itself offered over 40 models that model year covering a wide range of sizes and styles. But the Bel Air remained the brand’s most recognizable flagship car. For 1967, it was offered as a 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 4-door station wagon, and a 2-door pillarless hardtop.

Features and Specifications of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

The 1967 Chevy Bel Air came well equipped with many features to deliver comfortable and reliable personal transportation.

Available Trims and Options

The Bel Air was offered in three main trim levels for 1967:

  • Bel Air: The base trim starting around $2,500
  • Bel Air Sport Sedan: A mid-level trim with some added exterior upgrades
  • Bel Air Custom: The top-of-the-line trim starting around $3,000

Popular options buyers could add included air conditioning, AM/FM radio, power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Engine Choices

Engine choices in 1967 remained mostly unchanged from the previous year:

  • Standard – 230 c.i. 140hp straight-6
  • Optional – 283 c.i. 195 hp V8
  • Optional – 327 c.i. 275 hp V8
  • Optional (SS models) – 396 c.i. 325 hp V8
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The optional V8s delivered solid acceleration for the period while the economical straight-6 extended range between fill ups.

Interior Features

Inside, the 1967 Bel Air provided space for up to six passengers in the sedan models. The interior featured clear instrumentation, AM radio, front bench seating with cloth and vinyl options, and increased sound insulation for a quieter ride.

Performance and Engine Options for the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

While not overtly performance oriented like the Camaro or Chevelle SS, the 1967 Bel Air delivered confident acceleration and cruising abilities – especially when equipped with one of the larger V8 options.

Standard Straight-6 Performance

The base 230 c.i. straight-6 delivered 140 horsepower and adequate acceleration for everyday driving. It was no speed demon but had enough power for most owners’ needs. Combined with the standard 3-speed column shifted manual transmission, the straight-6 Bel Air could reach 60 mph in about 13 seconds – quick enough to keep pace with traffic.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Optional V8 Performance

Opting for the 283 or 327 cubic inch V8 substantially improved performance. In a 1967 Bel Air coupe with the optional Powerglide automatic transmission, the 327 V8 trimmed 0-60 mph acceleration down to around 10 seconds – quite quick for a full size car of the era. The quarter mile slipped by in just under 18 seconds.

Fuel economy did take a hit with the larger engines, however. Expect about 15 mpg from the V8 versus 18 mpg with the economical straight-6.

Design and Styling of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

The 1967 Bel Air’s styling cues were an evolution of the model’s handsome and balanced looks established across the preceding decade. Styling was contemporary without seeming dated, blending just the right mix of classic style with modern sensibilities.

Exterior Styling

On the outside, the 1967 Bel Air wore attractive sheet metal accentuated by clean lines and just the right amount of brightwork. The grille grew in size from 1966 and featured a patterned insert. Front parking/turn indicator lamps were integrated into the bumper for a tidy appearance. In back, large round taillights spanned the width of the trunk and quarters.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Buyers could choose from sporty two-door pillarless coupes or practical 4-door sedans. The elegant profile retained just enough trim chrome to highlight its curves without appearing overdone.

Interior Treatments

Inside, the 1967 Bel Air continued the model’s reputation for tastefully styled cabins. Upholstery choices included cloth and vinyl in an array of color choices. The instrument panel featured a slim design with round gauges providing vital readouts. A contoured dual-spoke steering wheel fit comfortably in the driver’s hands.

Notable Models and Variants of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

While the sedan and hardtop models made up the majority of 1967 Bel Air sales, Chevy also offered some special variants.

Bel Air Station Wagons

For buyers needing extra cargo room, Chevy catalogs featured plush Bel Air station wagons with model designations like Kingswood Estate. These full size wagons delivered cavernous room for people and gear with two-way tailgates and fold-down rear seats. Under the hood, they could be equipped with any engine option just like the coupes or sedans.

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1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

SS 427 Model

Though not a high production specialty model, Chevy did offer a limited run of big block powered Bel Air 2-door sport coupes. Fitted with the 425 horsepower 427 V8 and dubbed the SS 427, these Bel Airs combined a refined outward appearance with serious performance. Just under 1,500 are believed to have been built making them rare and collectible today.

Collectibility and Value of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

While long appreciated for their style and place in history, many Bel Airs have entered collector car status in recent decades – especially rare models and those with interesting option combinations. How do 1967 Bel Airs generally stack up?

Factors Influencing Value

Like most vintage cars, factors that determine value include:

  • Production rarity – lower volume models or special editions often fetch higher prices
  • Condition – professionally restored examples bring more money
  • Originality – cars with original engines, unmodified condition mean more to collectors
  • Options – Air conditioning, performance drivetrains, power accessories, etc can raise value
  • Documentation – Ownership history, original sales info improves provenance

A pristine, low mileage 1967 Bel Air with the SS 427 drivetrain could potentially be valued over $100,000 today. More typical examples trade hands for $15,000 – $30,000.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Maintenance and Repair Tips for the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

While the 1967 Bel Air delivers style and performance that seem timeless, keeping a 50+ year old vehicle running requires some old school maintenance techniques.

Check Fluids Regularly

It’s smart to periodically check important fluid levels like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. Top up any low reservoirs with the correct fluid. Keeping fresh fluids circulating is vital on an antique Chevy.

Inspect Key Components

Give components like belts, hoses, electrics, brake linings, suspension bushings, etc a periodic inspection. Catching a worn part before failure can prevent getting stranded. Consider upgrading to heavy duty parts where applicable.

Clean Electrical Connections

Many running issues on older vehicles stem from bad grounds or corroded connectors. When problems arise, thoroughly clean battery cables, wire terminations, starter, and alternator connections using a wire brush.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Consider Upgrades Carefully

While upgrading with electronic ignition, aluminum radiators, or front disc brakes might be tempting, be cautious about hurting the car’s collector value if not reversible. Research first or check with experts when considering mods.

Driving Experience of the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

Settling in behind the wheel of a 1967 Bel Air provides a glimpse into the golden era of American motoring. Here’s a look at the driving experience.

Smooth Ride Quality

The Bel Air delivers a plush trip thanks to its body-on-frame construction, coil spring suspension, and roomy interior. Compared to stiff unibody compacts of the day, occupants are treated to a comfortable, isolated ride. Wind noise and chassis vibration are minimal for such a large car.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Light Steering and Easy Handling

Despite its full-size dimensions, the Bel Air is maneuverable and easy to pilot. Power steering takes most of the sweat out of low speed turns and parking. Cornering ability falls short of modern unitized sedans but remains quite competent for a 1960s domestic.

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Strong Acceleration

Press the accelerator and even the base straight-6 delivers smooth, quiet power – especially for a six cylinder. Step up to a 327 V8 model and acceleration enters hot rod territory. The unmistakable warble of a healthy American V8 only adds to the experience.

Restoring a 53 Chevy Bel Air

Comparison with Other Classic Cars from 1967

The 1967 model year produced some memorable cars that collectors still covet today. How does the Chevy Bel Air of that year stack up?

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

More Refinement Than Muscle Cars

While 1967 brought icons like the Pontiac GTO and Shelby GT500, the Bel Air delivers a more balanced experience. You won’t find the blistering speed, noise, or teeth chattering ride of true muscle but will appreciate the Bel Air’s usability and comfort.

More Flair Than Sedans

Set against mainstream family sedans like the Ford Galaxie 500 or Plymouth Fury, the Bel Air brings a level of style and presence its rivals couldn’t match. From its handsome gallop-back roofline to neatly tailored chrome bits, the Chevy proves sedans can be sexy too.

More Practical Than Pony Cars

Contrasted with sporty but cramped pony cars like the first-gen Camaro, Chevy II Nova, or Mustang, the Bel Air provides livability those models sacrificed. Generous room for passengers and luggage lets owners comfortably enjoy the Bel Air on longer journeys.

Future Prospects for the 1967 Chevy Bel Air

So what does the future hold for the iconic ’67 Chevy Bel Air as collectible automotive history? The outlook remains optimistic.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Surging Enthusiasm Among Younger Collectors

As enthusiasts from the muscle car generation reach retirement age, the collector car market continues expanding. Younger buyers are taking an increasing interest in cars from the 1950s through 1970s meaning demand for Bel Airs should remain strong.

Rising Values Bring Greater Attention

The significant values rare model year 1967 Bel Airs can command on the open market will likely spur interest in the nameplate. The potential for a great investment return convinces many to pursue Bel Airs over other classic cars.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

aftermarket Support Will Continue

Between restoration suppliers and vendors producing new old stock (NOS) parts, product support remains robust for vintage Bel Airs. That makes proper maintenance or restoration less daunting, ensuring these classics stay on the road.

The 1967 Chevy Bel Air’s handsome styling, ample comfort, and variety of models means this historic Chevy should continue pleasing collectors for decades to come.


The 1967 Chevy Bel Air carried on the nameplate’s long tradition of delivering style, refinement, and value in a Crowd-pleasing package. For Detroit faithful who sought something more interesting than a basic sedan or wagon without crossing over into sporty coupe territory, the Bel Air hit a perfect sweet spot.

1967 Chevy Bel Air A Classic Car with Timeless Style and Performance

Even measured against rival makes, the 1967 Chevy Bel Air stands out as an exceptionally desirable classic car thanks to its character, powertrain choices, and collectibility. As enthusiasm for American automotive history accelerates into the 21st century, the 1967 Bel Air ensures Chevrolet remains well represented. Whether seeking weekend cruising adventures or blue chip investment potential, this Chevy deserves serious consideration among discerning enthusiasts.

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